About PC
Pharaoh Cat of Egypt is a story whritten by Kenneth Levar Kvam (BrakkyUM on Youtube and Brakky-zummi on deviantart. The story is going on in 20 long chapters, and for those who like mystery, this is an interesting story. The story is being animated by Kenneth himself and his partner Shiny (ShinyTheKitsune from youtube and auroraclaw on deviantart) Who have been close friends for eight years.


Pharaoh Cat of Egypt is about a kitten named Kawa who were chosen to be the tomb keeper of Narmer's tomb. Though. Kawa isn't interested in it at all. One day Kawa finds himself wandering around in the pyramid and he finds a small gap, which happened to be a tunnel. Kawa takes an overlook onto how the tunnel is, and the only thing he can see is pitch blackness. Kawa suddenly trips and falls into the tunnel in the act of turning over to go tell Pyra about it, and when he reaches the bottom he couldn't believe what he sees.


All characters are copyrighted our series, which leaves ANYONE NOT ALLOWED TO STEAL OUR CHARACTERS!

For retards:
Ilo is indeed black/greyish and yes everyone is allowed to make cat characters in the same colour....the thing is, if you make a character 100% like Ilo, inclusive Name and basic IT IS TRACING! But to make one, with the same colours and ect, but a different name AND story, then it isn't tracing.
We used Ilo as an example cause he was perfect for it.

Programs used:

We use Adobe Flash CS6 for the animation.
Backgrounds will be made in Photoshop CS6 or/and Flash CS6
For editing we use either Adobe Flash CS6 or WLMM (Windows Live Movie Maker).
We also use WavePad Sound Editor to cut music and voices.

                                                                                                      Story and Characters © Kenneth Levar Kvam.